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The "HomeBrewing" page has been changed by ClintonEbadi:

   * '''Immersion Wort Chiller'''. Just a basic coiled copper tubing gadget.
   * '''[[http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_792_792|Northern Tool Submersible Pump]]''' For circulating ice water through the immersion chiller in an attempt to save water. Cost about the same as the pond pump that didn't work, but a quick test was promising--the flow rate through the wort chiller looked as high as with the garden faucet. As of 2011-06-09 we have successfully cooled around 7 brews with the pump and it has yet to break--we can cool a five gallon batch to 74F in ~15 minutes using only 20 gallons of water and eight frozen 2L soda bottles. --(If it doesn't break in six more months)--it's 2012-03-20 and the pump has survived a '''lot''' of batches so I think I can recommend it.
   * '''48" Stirring Spoon''' That's what she said
+  * '''[[http://www.bayareamashers.org/gadgets/Hop%20bag%20holder.pdf|Kettle Hop Bag Holder]]''' For containing the massive amount of hops in a ten gallon batch. Worked pretty well for [[/Recipes#Nowruz]], but the hops themselves still absorb quite a bit of water on their own.
-  * '''Mash Paddle''' (spoon was adequate for 5 gal batches, but in a rectangular cooler / 10 gal batch it was hard to get all of the clumps out -- the LHBS sells a paddle for $5 made of the same material as the spoon so it's below my threshold for building my own from wood -- ClintonEbadi <<DateTime(2012-05-04T18:55:37Z)>>)
-  * '''[[http://www.bayareamashers.org/gadgets/Hop%20bag%20holder.pdf|Kettle Hop Bag Holder]]''' (not used yet -- ClintonEbadi <<DateTime(2012-05-04T18:55:37Z)>>) For containing the massive amount of hops in a ten gallon batch
  == Fermentation ==

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