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Greetings, brewers,

Mother Earth is giving a talk at the museum tomorrow night! Feel up for a
pint and some science?

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The Science of Beer Making
with Travis Quinn of North Carolina's own Mother Earth Brewing
*  *
*Wednesday, May 23*
6pm discussion, followed by Q&A
The Daily Planet Cafe, Museum of Natural Sciences
121 West Jones St, Raleigh

Ahh, beer.  More than 50 billion pints of beer are consumed each year in
the United States alone! But as we celebrate life's important milestones
with this beverage, how much thought do we give to the process by which
this delicious drink is made? Travis Quinn of North Carolina's own Mother
Earth Brewing takes us on a journey through the Science of Beer, detailing
the brewing process from its beginnings as raw ingredients to the finished
product in your glass.

Mother Earth Brewing began brewing in 2009 in Kinston, NC, and currently
distributes their handcrafted brews throughout North Carolina and Georgia.
Through this discussion you'll learn about the process of brewing a batch
of beer from start to finish, from the ingredients used and how each one
impacts the flavor of the beer, to the fermentation process and the
transformation that the liquid undergoes to become beer.

You'll also be welcome to ask questions and, of course, enjoy some
delicious Mother Earth beer!

RSVP to katey.ahmann at ncdenr.gov.  For more information, contact Katey
Ahmann at 919-733-7450, ext. 531.

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