Ack! Fermenter Shortage!

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Fri May 4 02:39:05 EDT 2012


While planning the purchase of ingredients at the ol' homebrew store
... I realized we have a bit of a problem: only the glass carboy is

I'd rather not use that for beer (unless it *really* comes to that --
I'll try to get Kristen to fix up the brew hauler tomorrow)...

I am going to get one fermenter, that much is certain. I'm also getting
a 50lbs bag ($55!) of 2-row malt because ... 10 gallons of Nowruz need 22lbs of


I am willing to trade whoever gets another Better Bottle (~$30) fifteen
pounds of grain (a reasonable gravity batch of base malt). And,
naturally, the joy of owning a piece of brewing equipment.

If no one bites, into glass it is (I have no plans for any wines/meads
until ... June, after I've gone on a minitour and been productive enough
to afford a 5 gallon bucket of honey).

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