Cernunnos, Kind of

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Thu Apr 26 00:22:02 EDT 2012

Clinton Ebadi <clinton at> writes:

> Because Steve is impatient ;)

p.s. we need a Tee and a few more feet of hose to do the split-fermenter

And ... I think 1/2" ID hose for the hose barb? Whatever fits on a 1/2"
hose barb.

> Have to tweak stuff a bit more, but the grain bill is complete.
> After I go on a mandatory walk with Kristen I will report on the amount
> of hops applicable to this brew remaining in the fridge.

emacsen: every copy of Emacs comes with a bag of pot and 5 hits of acid
emacsen: and a hotel coffee maker
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