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If we decide to work on Saturday, it'll probably be closer to 12 before I
get there, because I almost forgot that my cat Dalek has a vet appt. at
10am. But Sunday poses no problems for me to arrive there as early as 11am.

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:19 PM, Steve Killen <steven.f.killen at>wrote:

> I am for it! I will happily assist in other tasks as needed once I
> decapitate the keg. I estimate it a 2-hr job including edge polishing, so
> I'll come over and get started first thing. Is 11am ok for loud/high-pitch
> grinding noises?
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> On Apr 12, 2012 12:09 PM, "Clinton Ebadi" <clinton at>
> wrote:
>> Steve Killen <steven.f.killen at> writes:
>> > Greetings,
>> >
>> > So I was unsuccessful in getting the keg cut open this past weekend.
>> However, I
>> > do own a dremel, and from what I've read it's quite feasible to do. The
>> other
>> > step is the mash tun. Do any of you want to try a redux of last weekend
>> but in
>> > actual daylight hours (i.e., before 11am? Friday is not feasible for
>> me, as I'm
>> > doing observations up north,  but Saturday or Sunday will be fine.
>> >
>> > This weekend will be my last one where I am able to do anything until
>> after
>> > finals (i.e., May 8th). So if we're going to brew and you need my help,
>> let's
>> > do it this weekend. We have a couple of bottling tasks that need to
>> happen, but
>> > in my experience that can actually happen with just two people. (And
>> I've
>> > gotten pretty good at single-handedly doing it lately. :)
>> According the calendar, all of the things fermenting could be bottled
>> this weekend. Rachel won't be around so ... bpt and Sebastian: both of
>> you get to bottle this weekend if you're up for it.
>> I should have the port of the mash tun basically done today -- in a bit
>> I'm heading over to home despot to grab a pipe cutter and the last
>> o-ring we need (hopefully). I might even manage to get the mash tun
>> manifold build (except for slotting the drain pipes) as long as we
>> really don't need to solder anything.
>> I'm not sure we can get the mash tun and kettle into shape enough to
>> actually
>> brew a ten gallon batch this weekend... but we're also down to 3
>> weekends before it's too late to make solstice beer. I propose that, if
>> we get everything working, we do a batch of JWHEATZ (chamomile won't be
>> here in time I suspect...).
>> But I'm thinking that we won't, and a better idea would be to knock out
>> some Nowruz. If Sebastian and Luke can both attend and Bpt offer
>> assistance we could ... bottle (bpt + Sebastian primarily), brew (me),
>> and grind out the kettle (Steve), with Luke as our go-to lackey for each
>> task ;)
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