[HCoop-Help] Need help configuring domtool stuff for another web s ite before March 31!

j.c.hallgren at juno.com j.c.hallgren at juno.com
Sat Mar 27 01:39:59 EDT 2021

Thanks MUCH both who responded to my request for help!

In meantime, I got email from webs.com (freewebs) that the end date has moved to June 30 but as I have more time now as recovering from knee surgery, I would like to get this setup so I can flip pleasantforestshores.com over to HCoop easily at any point. And probably could use just the photo album pages at freewebs until I get those migrated over because I haven’t found a similar album setup yet that I can use. But a couple of code sets at w3schools look promising.

Since Steven was the first to reply, I would like to try working with you.
I am available Saturday afternoon after 1pm.

I use iPad to do emails and such but actual simple html/css code is on my OLD laptop that I use to maintain my existing HCoop site of chatmroomcc.info which is a bit more complicated as I have some PERL code to make it work. I learned enough about Perl back in mid 2000’s to build that site and now have forgotten most of it.

Yes, PFS site is static and old fashioned looking but I like it because my cottages are 1950’s so a modern website seems a bit incompatible and  customers agree.

My contact info is on the PFS site including my Google Voice number.

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Having folks around with less tech knowledge is great :)

I could possibly spend some time with your tomorrow afternoon (same 
time zone; I'm also in MA). If it is just static pages, then it should 
be pretty simple. Are you also editing the HTML & CSS on your iPad, or 
do you have another device? Is www.pleasantforestshores.com the site 
you are migrating away from freewebs or are there others?

To respect your time, I try to write short, functional emails.

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