[HCoop-Help] Payment not reflected in my account balance.

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at hcoop.net
Sat Mar 20 10:53:49 EDT 2021

Srikanth -

Yes, Clinton is the treasurer, so most of this work falls on him.  If he's
a little behind, then it might take some time.  The most important thing is
that you made your payment.  If your balance technically drops below zero
because we haven't applied the payment yet, that's ok - we'll get it
figured out.  But thank you for following up to be sure.


On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 8:29 AM j.c.hallgren at juno.com <j.c.hallgren at juno.com>

> There’s AFAIK only one person who does the bookkeeping and that’s Clinton
> Ebadi  so if he’s busy, it’s not unusual for it to take a few+ days. Maybe
> try to reach him directly?
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> Subject: [HCoop-Help] Payment not reflected in my account balance.
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> Hey folks,
> I have already sent this email to payment at hcoop.net, but have not
> received a response, and the issue still remains. I hope that someone on
> this list can help.
> I paid ~$100 through PayPal, but we account still shows that I have only
> ~$5 in my account. Is there a way to confirm that the funds made it to
> hcoop, and that my account is sufficiently funded?
> Thanks—srikanth
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