[HCoop-Help] HTTPS & redirects

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at hcoop.net
Sun Mar 8 15:55:18 EDT 2020

I'm working to enable HTTPS for all of my sites hosted at HCOOP.  I started
with brilliantwatersyoga.com, because it's fairly simple.

Today, I have things configured so that
redirects to http://brilliantwatersyoga.com/<anything>, so my setup handles
the www. but always just strips it.

When enabling SSL, I want to do something similar.  I want all 3 of
http://brilliantwatersyoga.com, http://www.brilliantwatersyoga.com, and
https://www.brilliantwatersyoga.com to redirect to
https://brilliantwatersyoga.com - so no matter where someone goes, they get
redirected to the canonical https URL.

Can someone suggest the right way to do this?  I know how to do this with
raw Apache configuration, but I can't find the right way to do it in
domtool.   I've worked through all of the various examples in the wiki, but
I can't find a combination such that all of the http and https URLs work as
expected.   A lot of the time, I end up with working https URLs but
"Unconfigured Member Virtual Host" for the http URLs.   My existing
non-HTTPS domtool configuration is below.




dom "brilliantwatersyoga.com" where
   DefaultAlias = false;
   CreateWWW = false;
   DefaultWebNode = "shelob";
   dnsDefaultText "v=spf1 mx a:muffat.debian.org a:mailly.debian.org -all";

   vhostDefault where
      WebPlaces = [web_place_default "shelob"];
      DocumentRoot = home "web/htdocs/brilliantwatersyoga.com";
      alias "/.well-known" ( home "web/data/
brilliantwatersyoga.com/.well-known" );

   web "www" with
      rewriteRule "^(.*)$" "http://brilliantwatersyoga.com$1" [redirectWith

   dnsIP "mail" deleuze_ip;

   emailAlias "kenneth.pronovici" "pronovic";
   emailAlias "admin" "pronovic";
   emailAlias "webmaster" "pronovic";
   emailAlias "contact" "pronovic";
   emailAlias "support" "pronovic";
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