[HCoop-Help] seeking a mentor re domtool, mail, mx

David Brownstein dbrownst at hcoop.net
Mon Sep 11 15:33:11 EDT 2017

Greetings all,

I have two domains currently hosted elsewhere, and I would like to shift 
their mail handling to hcoop.  Unfortunately I don't have the 
expertise/confidence to do this on my own, even assisted by existing 

I wonder if there is anybody out there who wouldn't mind being a mentor 
for me, in this regard?  I'm not looking for you to do anything.  Just to 
respond to my emails saying "I think that my next step is XYZ".  You would 
then tell me if I'm correct or not.  And, if not, point me in the right 

In gratitude, I am happy to create an hcoop tutorial on this subject to 
support others.  With any luck this would make it easier to recruit new 

many thanks,
David B.

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