[HCoop-Help] Problems joining mailing lists.

Jack Hill jackhill at hcoop.net
Wed Nov 8 11:14:01 EST 2017

On Wed, 8 Nov 2017, rclayton at hcoop.net wrote:

> When I try to join a mailing list (e.g., hcoop-help) using
> https://members.hcoop.net/portal/pref , I get an error message in response to
> clicking the save button:
>  Error setting hcoop-discuss status
>  Error setting hcoop-help status
>  Error setting hcoop-misc status
>  Error setting hcoop-sysadmin status
>  Preferences updated
> The error message appears at the top of the page sent in response to the button
> click.  Preferences were not updated (in this example I tried to join
> hcoop-discuss).

This seems to be a known problem with the integration between the portal 
and mailman. I've asked an admin to add you to the lists behind the scenes 
and will let you know when it's done.

Jack Hill
HCoƶp Treasurer

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