[HCoop-Help] Testing Exim filters (.forward)

Jesse Shumway layline at hcoop.net
Tue Oct 20 02:14:09 EDT 2015


I'm test my ~/.public/.forward Exim filter with the goal of improving the spam filtering spam sent virtual email addresses at my domains. I'm just a regular user on bog who doesn't have access to the exam installation on mcarthy. How might I test this filter without sending an email from a remote system? The technique suggested on the exam.org Exim docs doesn't work in our user environment on bog

     /usr/sbin/sendmail -bf myfilter < testmessage

There may be some goodies on this topic buried in the hoop mailing list archives but I haven't found any way to readily search them. Suggestions? Google doesn't index them and I'm really not in the mood to download them all to my own machine for indexing. Are the mailing list archives sitting somewhere in the AFS tree where I could make a bulk copy and unzip them all in one fell bash script?


-- Jesse Shumway  <layline AT hcoop.net>

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