[HCoop-Help] Wiki down?

Sajith T S sajith at hcoop.net
Thu May 22 21:52:38 EDT 2014

Clinton Ebadi <clinton at unknownlamer.org> wrote:

> I burned out a bit a little over a week ago; I've just been rebooted
> navajos daily to keep it going. But I think I've finally reintegrated
> all of the threads at hcoop (having to use dovecot instead of courier on
> the new mail server made my beautiful plans unravel!) and will be
> resuming work on getting navajos stable and the new mail server in
> production.

Whoa.  Take care, Clinton!

> A few notes on how I'm going about restabilizing navajos's afs client,
> since -sysadmin is pretty much an echo chamber nowadays:

Just subscribed to -sysadmin.  I'll try to be a good listener...

The admin tasks you've listed sound like a fair amount of work.  I am
not the sort of person that should be promising things, but would it
be possible to help in some small ways?  Can we get more people to
share some of the admin tasks, and how?

Relatedly, how easy/hard would it be to have hcoop-in-a-box so that
folk can look at some of the... things?  Like, I don't know, Domtool
maintenance maybe?

"the lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne."
                 -- Chaucer.

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