[HCoop-Help] Domtool help for dummies?

Lauren McNees lauren at rosasharn.com
Fri Apr 11 15:44:06 EDT 2014

Hi hcoopers,

I tried really hard to do the world's simplest domtool configuration
without having to ask for help but I've finally given up. Can someone
please help me? I really appreciate it.

I want www.hildegardhmb.com to be a static website serving from
public_html/hildie. I did the domain setup through the portal, and I
created a domtool file called hildegardhmb.com  but any configuration I try
results in "Configuration failed: Error during configuration evaluation."

I thought this would work but I guess not:

dom "hildegardhmb.com" where
 DocumentRoot = home "public_html/hildie";

Thank you, hcoopers!
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