[HCoop-Help] Fwd: My websites are unreachable

zrajm zrajm at klingonska.org
Fri Nov 15 12:14:41 EST 2013

Not having gotten a response on the hcoop-sysadmin list I ask this question
here as well.

Yesterday both my sites (zrajm.org and klingonska.org) are giving me
connection errors.

     Error 522: Connection timed out

Was this some kind of known problem? Is it likely to reoccur?


P.S. What is the division between the hcoop-sysadmin, hcoop-help and
hcoop-discuss lists? It's not very clear to me where I should start when
asking for help. I tried googling (thinking there would be a description
somewhere on the HCoop portal) but I couldn't find any page describing this.
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