[HCoop-Help] Moving hosted mailing list from personal account to club account

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Thu May 2 14:16:55 EDT 2013

Srikanth Sastry <sastry at hcoop.net> writes:

> Since I haven't seen any replies in three weeks, I'll take a shot at this one.
> Disclaimer: I am not an admin.

First, sorry for the extremely slow reply. I lost the message in the
moderation noise and "I'll answer that tomorrow" (and tomorrow, and
tomorrow, and...).

> AFAIK, since your mailing list is hosted on hcoop mailman, you can
> simply add a new email address as an owner of that mailing list. This
> email address could be your club's hcoop address.  Once that new owner
> logs in successfully, you can then delete your email addres from the
> list of owners. All of this can be done from the admin portal for your
> mailing list.

I think this is correct. There might be some magic with permissions and
copying the list, but it's been a while since we moved a list
around. When you get the account set up for the club, I will decipher
the arcane scrolls ("documentation") and do whatever sysadmin magic is

>>     Any recommended process to kick off the transfer? Should they
>>     doing anything specific in setting up the account as a club /
>>     institution? They aren't a non-profit or anything.

> As far as setting up a new acct goes, I don't think we have a separate
> process/mechanism for an institution to sign up. It is pretty much the
> same as that of individuals. However, I'd verify with the board of
> directors or admins first.

I don't think we actually ever worked this out. I will scour the board
archives for previous discussion, but I think for informal organizations
your best bet is to have a responsible person for the group sign up for
the group. Bt and I are trying to ditch a linode vps for another
organization with a similar non-structure, so we need to work this out
any way since that's a bit less than ideal.

> Regards
> -srikanth
> On 04/08/2013 03:24 PM, Ron Senykoff wrote:
>     Hi, 
>     I've been hosting our homebrewing club's mailing list on hcoop for several years. I need to get the the club managing it themselves, and we've got the go ahead to set up (and hence
>     fund) an account specifically for the club. The only thing I'm hosting for them is this list so I'll want to get that transferred to their account.
>     I'm hoping the admins can help to transfer the backend list to be under a club account. The name of the list would be remaining the same etc.

>     The list is for wort.org.
>     TIA!
>     -Ron 
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