[HCoop-Help] When will cron move to bog?

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Fri Feb 15 19:00:47 EST 2013

Kenneth Pronovici <pronovic at ieee.org> writes:

> Hi,
> I notice that we're just about at the point where mire will go
> way.  I'm just curious at what point cron will be available on
> bog.  As of now, my crontab is installed and running on mire, but I'm
> not allowed to create a crontab at all on bog.  Is this something I'll
> need to switch manually, or will it happen automatically at some
> point?

Since it's a new machine, you need to request permission at the
portal. I would have copied the current cron.allow over, but it's filled
with dead accounts... 

The portal doesn't really aid record keeping much, so I've gone ahead
and enabled cron for you on bog.

To make stuff like this easier in the future, I'm eventually going to
move cron permissions into domtool. I don't think it's insecure to allow
members to manage their own cron permissions similarly to database

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