[HCoop-Help] Moving hosted mailing list from personal account to club account

Ron Senykoff freat at hcoop.net
Mon Apr 8 15:24:05 EDT 2013


I've been hosting our homebrewing club's mailing list on hcoop for several
years. I need to get the the club managing it themselves, and we've got the
go ahead to set up (and hence fund) an account specifically for the club.
The only thing I'm hosting for them is this list so I'll want to get that
transferred to their account.

I'm hoping the admins can help to transfer the backend list to be under a
club account. The name of the list would be remaining the same etc.

Any recommended process to kick off the transfer? Should they doing
anything specific in setting up the account as a club / institution? They
aren't a non-profit or anything.

The list is for wort.org.

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