[HCoop-Help] Lost contents of a file that makes my site work - need recovery from r ecent backup

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Thu Apr 26 14:51:22 EDT 2012

"j.c.hallgren at juno.com" <j.c.hallgren at juno.com> writes:

> as of about 9am this morning - a super critical file for my site somehow got to
> size=0 -- need recovery from any recent backup -- - have NO clue as to what
> happened - perl script failed? - was NOT on hcoop at that time - and before i
> saw it via FTP, I had just deleted a file on hcoop that i could potentaily use
> to recover it -- and my last local backup was 4/15 and its had many daily chgs
> since then -- because w/o that file, my site is kinda DOA - i do have last 5
> updates in last day or two in another file so backup wouldnt have to be from
> last nite - but anything prior to that and after 4/15 is what i need.
> the file is showpostTC.html in my public_html folder/dir

I see a showpostTC.htm that (at least seems to) work?

I fetched the latest back up (2012-04-22) and restored showpostTC.html
for you in either case.

I'm not sure what could have caused it to blank -- do you regularly
write to this file to add posts? There may have been a blip in network
connectivity for a moment when storing the file causing it to be lost,
but IIRC AFS semanstics would just give you the old file then...

Let me know if you need anything else restored. Hopefully this proves to
be nothing more than a heisenbug.

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