[HCoop-Help] my web site isn't accessable this morning - what's up?

Adam Chlipala adam at chlipala.net
Fri Oct 1 09:47:31 EDT 2010

j.c.hallgren at juno.com wrote:
> I can FTP into it, and the portal is still accessable but my http://www.chatmroomcc.info/ comes up as 'cannor find server'...I'd seen a nbr of emails about some maint that was going to occur but deleted all of them as it didn't seem to apply to me.

Something was being broken by the fact that our server 'hopper' wasn't 
accepting connections from the main Domtool server properly.  I don't 
even remember anymore what we're using hopper for, but I've removed it 
from Domtool for now.

I'm angry at myself for spending time fixing this.  HCoop should either 
get someone to take over Domtool now, which will probably require at 
least a few weeks familiarizing with the implementation; or switch to a 
different way of configuring domains.

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