[HCoop-Help] Mail delivery issues on account : nkv

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 10:26:20 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,
    For some reason, my mail has started to malfunction since today
morning (about 15-20 hours ago).

    When I try to access my INBOX using squirrelmail, I get this
ERROR: Could not complete request.
Reason Given: Unable to open this mailbox.
   rcube just reports the mailbox as empty.

   Trying to do this using Thunderbird doesn't allow me to fetch mails
that are not previously retrieved and locally cached. I can read mails
which I've fetched yesterday but trying to retrieve a new mail,
doesn't work (ie. I get an empty mail).

   sshing into ssh.hcoop.net and trying mutt displays mails that are
old. I can't see any test mails which I've recently sent to my

   I asked on #hcoop but this seems to work for other users. It looks
like problem specific to my account.



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