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Richard Darst rkd at hcoop.net
Thu Mar 4 14:47:38 EST 2010

On Wed, Mar 03, 2010 at 02:18:41PM -0500, Steve Killen wrote:
> OK, back to the flailing, now that I went fact-checking.  mire only has
> wordpress 2.0.10 in apt, but the most recent "stable" version on
> wordpress.org is 2.9.2.  Should I treat it as non-Debian software, or try to
> make a Debian package?

Right now mire is running etch, which is oldstable.  Real Soon Now
we'll be re-shuffling the machines and be on at least lenny (2.5.1) or
squeeze (2.9.2) depending on how long we wait...

Since this upgrade will happen soon, I'm not sure if backporting a
package will be worth it.  But if you want to (and it won't break
current things), feel free.

Secondly, I would certainly be interested in helping to set up a
system to make it easier for members to install wordpress, like
moin-install.  I haven't used wordpress before (nor moin-install on
hcoop), so all I could do now is integrating.  It's up to you if you'd
like to start now or after upgrades, and to figure out _how_ to do
this since I don't know how it is set up (yet).  Just let me know.


- Richard

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