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Steve Killen nevetski at hcoop.net
Wed Mar 3 13:41:26 EST 2010


I'm new to the coop, but not to cooperatives in general, so when I signed on
I knew I was rolling up my sleeves. :)  I was hoping to get a proper
WordPress install thingy together in the same vein as the moinmoin-install
script, and before just tearing into it I suspect I ought to consult with
you lest I duplicate effort.

I didn't see anything viable yet for actually setting up WordPress to be
installed on a per-user basis from a locally-hosted codebase, and that's my
goal.  Is there a FAQ or rundown of general system standards that I can hew
to while going about this?  I've got a pretty good idea of how to start, so
I'll go for it and see where it gets me.


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