[HCoop-Help] Need help with domtool setting to relay mail to Google Apps

Adam Chlipala adam at chlipala.net
Thu Jun 10 18:57:39 EDT 2010

Srikanth Sastry wrote:
> I am not sure if my domtool config is wrong, but I am seeing some issues
> with receiving emails on my Google Apps hosted account.
> I want email sent to the domain sastry.name to be handled by Google
> Apps. My domtool config for the domain is as follows:
> om "sastry.name" where
>     DocumentRoot = home "public_html/sastry.name";
>     HandleMail = false;
> with
> [snip]
> However, when I run "domtool-admin describe sastry.name", I still see
> mail.hcoop.net in the MX records for sastry.name.

I think you need to add a "AddMX = false;" line, like the "HandleMail = 
false;" line above.

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