[HCoop-Help] DNS Problems with hcoop.net subdomain

Nathan Weston elbows at hcoop.net
Sun Feb 21 10:16:06 EST 2010

Adam Chlipala wrote:
> Nathan Weston wrote:
>> 1) www.cfoboard.hcoop.net works, but cfoboard.hcoop.net doesn't
>> (although it used to)
> Your configuration doesn't ask for any mapping for "cfoboard.hcoop.net" 
> to be added.  

Isn't that what "serverAliasDefault" does?

> Why are you using the "domain" configuration directive 
> instead of "dom"?  

I'm not sure why I switched from "dom" to "domain". Probably a
combination of confusion on my part, and desperation over the DNS
problems. :)
At some point I gave "domain" a try and it seemed to mostly work, so I
left it that way. The docs don't recommend it anywhere that I saw.

At any rate, I switched back to "dom" and it works now.

>> 2) The domain seems to come and go from DNS. Some days I can resolve it,
>> and other days I can't.
> Our secondary DNS server wasn't updating because a daemon had lost AFS 
> tokens about a month ago, but no one noticed until now.  It should be 
> working again now; I'll leave it up to the admins to figure out a 
> permanent fix for this problem on outpost.hcoop.net.

Thanks. It's working now.

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