[HCoop-Help] Apache config looks correct, but domain gives HCoop page?

Chris Fallin cfallin at hcoop.net
Wed May 27 14:40:58 EDT 2009


I'm setting up a new domain, fallin.org, with a somewhat nonstandard
configuration (using Google mail servers). The mail half of things
works fine; the WWW config looks like it should work, but
http://fallin.org/ yields the HCoop front page right now.

An excerpt from domtool-describe fallin.org :

Web vhost www.fallin.org:

# Owner: cfallin
        ServerName www.fallin.org
        SuexecUserGroup cfallin nogroup
        suPHP_UserGroup cfallin nogroup
        WaklogEnabled on
        WaklogLocationPrincipal cfallin/daemon at HCOOP.NET
        DAVLockDB /var/lock/apache2/dav/cfallin/DAVLock
        DocumentRoot /afs/hcoop.net/user/c/cf/cfallin/www/fallin
        ServerAdmin cfallin at hcoop.net
        ServerAlias fallin.org

Perhaps something isn't refreshing, or hasn't refreshed yet? Does this
have to do with the domtool server issue I saw earlier?


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