[HCoop-Help] SSL Certificate Without Hostname

Michal Charemza michalcharemza at gmail.com
Sun May 17 03:20:25 EDT 2009

Although it not now 'current' (as it doesn't work), it's at:


with output from domtool-admin describe from when it was current at



On 16 May 2009, at 17:31, Adam Chlipala wrote:

> Michal Charemza wrote:
>> I would like to enable SSL on mydomain.com (without any 'www' host).
>> So far I have successfully requested an IP address and certificate
>> permissions. I've looked at the examples in the Wiki, but they all
>> have a hostname part. I've tried adding a 'where' block to  
>> vhostdefault:
>> vhostDefault where
>>   SSL = use_cert "/etc/apache2/ssl/user/mydomain.com.pem"
>> with
>>  ...
>> But this results in http requests to my domain showing the hcoop home
>> page, and https request in a certificate error: the certificate is  
>> for
>> *.hcoop.net.
> Can you point me to a particular config file that isn't working as you
> expect?
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