[HCoop-Help] django server

Benjamin Hell beni at hcoop.net
Thu May 7 09:41:02 EDT 2009

Adam Chlipala wrote:
> Benjamin Hell wrote:
>> I have a Django-powered site on hcoop, running my own apache daemon
>> with mod_python. I don't really know whether this is needed at our
>> setup, since Django can be run in different ways:
>> Maybe mod_wsgi or FastCGI are possibilities on the "generic" hcoop
>> apache instance.
> Do you know enough about Django to explain why they don't offer a simple 
> CGI deployment scenario?

I'm afraid, not really. I just know that they recommended mod_python
in the past and mod_wsgi nowadays. Maybe looking at a major
difference between FastCGI and "normal" CGI gives a clue, though:
FastCGI allows the code to stay in memory as I understand it,
whereas CGI does a complete startup from scratch each time a request
is served. Taken that Django is a rather complex environment with a
lot of individual files to be read, compiled to byte code if
necessary and executed, the startup time for a Django application
serving a request might just get too long.

But this is just a guess - I've already had mod_python running
before I looked at Django, so there was no real need to think about
these issues.



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