[HCoop-Help] redirect of hcoop.net/~USER webpage?

Benjamin Hell beni at hcoop.net
Tue Mar 31 04:39:49 EDT 2009

Nathan Kennedy wrote:
> Zrajm C Akfohg <zrajm at klingonska.org> wrote:
>> Could I redirect my hcoop.net/~zrajm webpage to zrajm.org?
>> Is there a domtool config to do this directly, or need I do or can it
>> only be achieved using the old HTML
>> <meta http-equiv="....">?
> I believe you will have to use HTML redirects.  The /~username pages are
> under HCoop's domain and so are not user-configurable with domtool.
> If anyone is aware of any other approach please chime in.

The http-equiv method is deprecated:


There is a couple of other ways to do it listed on


I use a .htaccess file in the root directory, which triggers apache
to send a "301 moved". It contains a single line

Redirect 301 /index.html http://www.siebengang.net/

Don't use just / instead of /index.html, as it will cause a redirect



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