[HCoop-Help] HCoop SMTP Server and Spam

Michal michal at hcoop.net
Tue Apr 7 13:36:34 EDT 2009

> I see what you're saying.  To be honest, when I added the SPF record, I
> was treating it only as a magic incantation to please Gmail. :)  It
> never seemed to help there, so maybe we should just remove it for now.
Well, I was thinking either
- Remove it
- Change it to explicitly allow all servers to send @hcoop.net email
- Change the recommendation for people to send @hcoop.net email
through the HCoop servers.

Or (and I actually think this is probably really a bad idea, but it
crossed my mind so maybe I should mention it)
- Allow members to request that their local SMTP server be added to
the HCoop SPF record. I think this is just more trouble than it's
worth, and from what I see on
http://www.openspf.org/FAQ/Common_mistakes it looks like only 10 DNS
lookups are allowed per SPF record.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Adam Chlipala <adamc at hcoop.net> wrote:
> I personally would even prefer it if you (and anyone else) left out bits
> of language like "only tentatively pointing out," any kind of apology,
> etc., so that messages are shorter and more to the point. ;)

Ah ok... perhaps I was a touch too apologetic. It's just that on
various lists I have seen people (including, looking back, myself on
occasion) who have joined, assumed they know everything, come across
as very arrogant, and then a bit stupid when it transpired they don't
know everything. Perhaps I have gone to the other extreme... I would
apologise, but I guess you would prefer me not to... ;-)

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