[HCoop-Help] Authentication for Jabber Server using the same LDAP as for virtual mailboxes

Michal michal at hcoop.net
Tue Apr 7 06:25:17 EDT 2009

The jabber daemon I'm using (jabberd2) can authenticate users using
LDAP. As the jabber address is the same as the email address for which
I'm setting up a virtual mailbox, I wonder if I can have it setup so
that the virtual mailbox and jabber passwords are the same. So

- Are the virtual mailbox passwords stored using LDAP?

- If so, would it be possible to use this LDAP to authenticate my Jabber users

- If so, I think I would like the following information if possible:
  - Address/port of the LDAP server
  - Type of LDAP server (there seems to be an option between ad / ldap
  - LDAP attribute fields names for user id for the mailbox, and user password
  - How is the user id stored: is it a full address like
'user at mydomain.com' or just 'user'
  - How is the password stored? I.e. Plain text / sha / ssha ?
  - The 'objectclass' for the user (the default seems to be posixAccount)
  - The 'base DN' for the tree (I'm not even sure what this means)

- Also: there is configuration 'DN to bind to for searches', with a
password field. I guess if the hcoop LDAP server uses a password, I
won't be able to use it...?

I hope someone can help. I might be making some incorrect assumptions
about all this though, I've never really done anything with LDAP.


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