[HCoop-Help] Jabber using own domain

Michal michal at hcoop.net
Fri Apr 3 10:08:55 EDT 2009

Thanks for everyone's help! I have managed to get it working,
including s2s connections, using non standard ports via the SRV
record. Although I've not yet even tried to make it an unattended
daemon, I just run it logging in via ssh. I also have not even tried
anything SSL yet.

For the record, (in case it will be helpful to others, or if I am
doing something wrong) what I did:

- In the domtool file for my domain, yetagain.net, I set the arbitrary
ports 4321 for C2S and 4323 for S2S (NB: I'm not sure what TTL should

dom "yetagain.net" with
 dns (dnsSRV (srv_literal "_xmpp-client._tcp") 0 0 4321
"mire.hcoop.net") where TTL=600 end;
 dns (dnsSRV (srv_literal "_xmpp-server._tcp") 0 0 4323
"mire.hcoop.net") where TTL=600 end;
 dns (dnsSRV (srv_literal "_jabber._tcp") 0 0 4323  "mire.hcoop.net")
where TTL=600 end;

- Compile/install the jabberd2 server in my home directory (I didn't
know which server to choose, it was an arbitrary choice). To do this I
also needed to compile udns, gsasl, and the latest openssl (I think
the one installed on mire cause compilation errors).

- Create a database using dbtool and the instructions at
http://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/Databases: I called it "jabber" (so
in fact its full name is michal_jabber)

- Follow the standard jabberd installation instructions, with a few amendments:

 - Modify the sql script that creates the required tables. Comment
out the line
   CREATE DATABASE jabberd2;

   And change the database name below:
   USE michal_jabber;

 - In the jabber config files c2s.xml, s2s.xml, sm.xml installed in
my local etc directory, ensure that the sql server (mysql), sql user
(michal in my case) sql password, and database name (michal_jabber in
my case) are all set correctly. Also change the port settings for c2s
and s2s to the same ones in the SRV record for the domain.

That's it for the time being... now to try to get SSL to work and to
make it a proper daemon...

(I am very grateful by the way for all the work people must have put
into all of the server-setup. Most servers don't even allow ssh
access, let alone running own daemons)


On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 9:25 PM, Adam Chlipala <adamc at hcoop.net> wrote:
> Adam Chlipala wrote:
>> In this file, you can see some examples of custom SRV records.
>>     /afs/hcoop.net/user/m/me/megacz/.domtool
> Oops; add /megacz.com to the end of that.
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