[HCoop-Help] Why isn't my project in gitweb?

Sajith T S sajith at hcoop.net
Wed Apr 1 01:46:45 EDT 2009

Michael Olson <mwolson at hcoop.net> writes:

> You didn't get any output from the fsr command?  Hmm.  Maybe it doesn't
> follow symlinks.

It seems to work now, after renewing tokens.  And my repository is now
visible in gitweb.  Cloning works too.  Thank you!

> Your AFS token probably expired.  To see info about the state of your
> tokens, run "klist".  If the "expires" date is equal to the "renew
> until" date, it means your token needs to be reacquired.  To reacquire a
> token, run "kinit", and then "aklog".

This was the state:

03/31/09 00:25:30  03/31/09 10:25:29  afs/hcoop.net at HCOOP.NET
        renew until 04/01/09 00:25:29

Guess this means there's no need of reacquiring afs token?  Did that
anyway, and repeated the "fsr setacl" dance, on both the .git directory
and the symlink.  That is a new kind of superstition.

But it doesn't make sense.  There should be no tokens expired when you
are in a new session, as I was yesterday, no?

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