[HCoop-Help] What config does domtool need to relay email?

Steve Taylor staylor at ncf.ca
Sun Oct 26 10:08:58 EDT 2008

Adam Chlipala <adamc at hcoop.net> writes:

> Perhaps your mistake was in assuming that you needed to ask explicitly
> for mail to be handled. ;-)

And in not asking "What else does domtool do that I don't need to

> Where is the [dom] configuration that you are using?  I see no updates
> from you using [dom] in the current log period.

In ~/.domtool. I ran "domtool" alone in my home dir. It responded
"configuration succeeded."

Does this show up:

/afs/..mtool$ domtool dinnersunlimited.ca
Configuration succeeded.
/afs/..mtool$ date
Sun Oct 26 10:05:35 EDT 2008



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