[HCoop-Help] diagnosing a 400 Bad Request

Peter Gammie peteg42 at gmail.com
Fri May 16 04:39:38 EDT 2008

On 15/05/2008, at 10:53 PM, Michael Olson wrote:

> Peter Gammie <peteg42 at gmail.com> writes:
>> The problem is most certainly in those rules. The aim is simply to
>> remove the script name from the URL. With the rules omitted, this
>> works:
>> http://hope.peteg.org/hope.cgi/
> I would recommend using the following domtool config for the hope
> subdomain.
>  web "hope" where
>    DocumentRoot = home "hope";
>  with
>    addDefaultCharset "utf-8";
>    scriptAlias "/" (home "hope/hope.cgi/");
>    rewriteLogLevel 1;
>  end;
> If there are images or other things that need to be accessed on that
> domain, then add some "alias" lines before the scriptAlias line, such
> as:
>    alias "/images" (home "hope/images");

Michael, you rock.

A comment for the archives: The original author of that .htaccess  
tells me this isn't a general solution for him as one cannot add  
"scriptAlias" to a .htaccess file. It works fine with domtool however.


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