[HCoop-Help] domtool: lib.dtl for "PhpVersion = php5;"

WMSAR whitemountainsar at gmail.com
Sun May 11 11:46:13 EDT 2008


I'm new to HCOOP as of yesterday and have two quick questions.

First, I'm unable to access the "help" mailing list archives?  I can log in
and change my password and other settings, but I get a "403 Forbidden" error
when I try to access the link to the archives (
https://lists.hcoop.net/pipermail/hcoop-help/).  I can access the archives
for other lists, such as HCoop-Discuss, etc.

Second, my website uses some PHP5 code that I really don't want to re-write,
and I am trying to configure domtool to default to PHP5.  I followed these

You might also want to make some standard environment variable settings that
will persist across your different configuration files. For instance, to
make PHP version 5 the default for all of your domains, put this in lib.dtl:

PhpVersion = php5;

Now this will be the default environment variable setting in all of your
domains. While domtool does dependency analysis to find the right order for
running files that use functions defined in other files with val, it doesn't
do this for environment variable settings, which is why it's important to
put default environment variable settings in lib.dtl. The dependency orderer
has a special case for files with this name, always putting them first.

I created the "lib.dtl" file and when I re-run "domtool <fn>", it
reconfigures everything okay:

wmsar at mire:~/.domtool$ domtool wmsar.info
Configuration succeeded.

Where the content of my "lib.dtl" file is:

wmsar at mire:~/.domtool$ cat lib.dtl
PhpVersion = php5;

However, I am pretty certain that the PHP4 interpreter is still being
executed because I'm getting a syntax error in some PHP5 specific code
("unexpected &"):

foreach ($nameList as *&*$value)

So I'm confused.  Please help..

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