[HCoop-Help] afs/kerberos issue

Dmitry Sustretov dmitry.sustretov at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 09:19:52 EDT 2008


I repeat here the question I have just asked on #hcoop

<dmitri83> I was about to file a bug report
<dmitri83> but then I thought that it is hard to reproduce
<dmitri83> so I decided to try to ask for help here first
<dmitri83> it is a problem with file permissions
<dmitri83> I have a mongrel server running a ruby on rails application
<dmitri83> the application keeps cache in some directory
<dmitri83> I did "fs sa dmitri83.daemon write" for this directory
<dmitri83> but some time after the application is started (approximately a day)
<dmitri83> I start getting permission denied messages
<dmitri83> although right after the restar everything is fine
<dmitri83> can possibly there be an explanation?

As Adam Chlipala pointed out in reply to this, it is a consequence of
the way AFS/Kerberos work and the explanation is here:

Dmitry Sustretov

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