[HCoop-Help] moving e-mail

Lauren McNees lauren at hcoop.net
Fri Jun 27 12:56:35 EDT 2008


As I prepare to move my mail to google apps, I'm trying to figure out how
to export my mailboxes from hcoop and import them into google, which I
thought I'd be able to do on my own with the google uploader tool which
imports from Thunderbird but apparently it only imports from Thunderbird
if its a pop account, and mine is imap. I tried connecting to hcoop with
pop with the settings given in the wiki but it fails to connect to
mail.hcoop.net. Any ideas on that?

Alternatively, there is the google imap migration tool, where google
connects directly to the hcoop server, but I have no idea if hcoop meets
the prerequisites (Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Cyrus IMAP Server,
Courier-IMAP, or Dovecot and access to,,,,, and Any
thoughts on that?




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