[HCoop-Help] Question about domtool using older DNS nameserver setup

Kristopher Overholt koverholt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 14:20:04 EDT 2008

I just wanted to ask a quick question related to domtool. I use the 'dom'
directive for my 2 sites on hcoop, and when I do a domtool-admin describe
command on them, I see that it is using the three nameservers:

koverholt.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns1.hcoop.net.
koverholt.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns3.hcoop.net.
koverholt.com.    172800    IN    NS    ns5.hcoop.net.

I thought that the nameservers were now updated per Adam's message on April
20th such that we should be using only ns1.hcoop.net and ns2.hcoop.net?

I updated my nameservers at my DNS registrar to ns1 and ns2 only, but I am
wondering if the 'dom' directive should also be doing this for the DNS
zonefile on hcoop? I have no idea how much this zonefile affects my
websites, since I set the nameservers with my registrar, but I just want to
make sure.
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