[HCoop-Help] Kerberos & ssh not working

Adam Megacz megacz at hcoop.net
Mon Jun 16 22:45:03 EDT 2008

I am posting this to both hcoop-discuss and hcoop-help.  Please direct
your replies to hcoop-help only.

Adam Megacz <megacz at hcoop.net> writes:
>   https://bugzilla.hcoop.net/show_bug.cgi?id=519

Vegai, this issue has been resolved; could you please generate and
post a new "ssh -vvv mire"?  It probably still won't work, but we'll
get more reliable error messages now.

Also: what OS/distribution are you running?  I'm going to guess that
it's some sort of Linux.  The major distributions (Debian, RedHat,
Fedora) enable Kerberos support by default in their ssh packages, but
some of the less-widespread distributions still don't do that.

Lastly: I think you're the first hcooper to try this with OpenSSH 5.0,
so you may be a bit of a "guinea pig" here.  If downgrading to 4.3
isn't too distasteful, you might consider that.  Even if you can't
permanently downgrade, it would be helpful to know if temporarily
switching to 4.3 makes your problems go away.

  - a

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