[HCoop-Help] Long running bot

Alok G. Singh alephnull at hcoop.net
Tue Jun 3 17:23:47 EDT 2008

On  3 Jun 2008, megacz at hcoop.net wrote:

> Could you please manually execute this command in an ssh window?
> k5start -qtUf /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/alephnull -- /usr/bin/eggdrop
> 	~/bots/moxquizz.conf

I had to change this to:
$ cd ~/bots
$ k5start -qtUf /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/alephnull -- /usr/bin/eggdrop

due to the way that the config file is written. 

> And then confirm (using another ssh window) that:
> 1. The parent process of "eggdrop" is "k5start"

The eggdrop process is backgrounded and daemonised automatically. There
is no k5start process at all. The PPID of eggdrop is 1.

> 2. Your daemon functions as expected 

It does.

> 3. Your daemon keeps functioning for more than 10 hours

This does not happen. After 10 hours, the process stops updating the log
files and is unable to access files that it needs. This causes it to
stop working.


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