[HCoop-Help] Getting help via books, references (was Proportional Representation? in HCoop-Discuss)

docelic docelic at mire.hcoop.net
Mon Feb 25 20:12:57 EST 2008

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 05:23:41PM -0500, Steve Taylor wrote:
> Others have already pointed out that one needs a
> certain knowledge/unix skill level to function as
> a member. So I'm trying to do this, without that
> skill level.
> Question:
> Which book(s), on-line tutorials, references or
> newsgroups would you suggest? I've already got
> O'Reilly, and others galore:
> - Apache: Definitive Guide
> - Mastering Regular Expressions (Friedl)
> - Linux Cook Book
> - Linux in a Nutshell,
> - Linux: Advanced Reference (huge, out-of-date)
> - Perl (Many),
> - Running Linux
> - Linux: Rute User Guide & Tutorial
> - Unix Power Tools,

This is all generic knowledge, of which I don't know how much
will benefit you, since you do not need to perform any 
system administration work on HCoop yourself.

This is all good material, but if you only want "enough skills to 
function well as a HCoop member", most of what you listed is far too
general for what you need.

I think you only need basic introduction to Debian, eventually Kerberos,
and HCoop-specifics.

For a generic introduction to GNU/Linux and Debian,
you might check out my Debian GNU guide:


For introduction to Kerberos, you might check out my Kerberos 


For HCoop-specifics, browse our Wiki.

Hope this helps,

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