[HCoop-Help] Getting help via books, references (was Proportional Representation? in HCoop-Discuss)

Steve Taylor staylor at hcoop.net
Mon Feb 25 17:23:41 EST 2008

Michael Olson <mwolson at hcoop.net> writes:

> Stephen Taylor <staylor at hcoop.net> writes:
>> Examples:
>> My blunders when I joined and asked for help.
> Now that the hcoop-help list exists, this should
> be "fixed". There ought to not be any
> significant social cost to using hcoop-help.

When I think about asking questions and getting
answers it's the chat room, #hcoop that comes to
mind. There are no promises, I know, but it may be
the other place I should look.

Others have already pointed out that one needs a
certain knowledge/unix skill level to function as
a member. So I'm trying to do this, without that
skill level.


Which book(s), on-line tutorials, references or
newsgroups would you suggest? I've already got
O'Reilly, and others galore:

- Apache: Definitive Guide
- Mastering Regular Expressions (Friedl)
- Linux Cook Book
- Linux in a Nutshell,
- Linux: Advanced Reference (huge, out-of-date)
- Perl (Many),
- Running Linux
- Linux: Rute User Guide & Tutorial
- Unix Power Tools,




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