[HCoop-Help] What use is the wordPress or addWordPress domtool directive?

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Sun Feb 24 10:56:19 EST 2008

Lauren McNees wrote:
> Will there be sufficient notice before its disabled? I'm currently using
> .htaccess for URL rewrites, so when it becomes disabled, links to my site
> will be broken.

Yes, there will be sufficient notice.

> Domtool can do rewrites, right? Is there a place on the wiki that
> documents how to get domtool to do rewrites? I couldn't find one.

This section of the examples page has been around for a while:

The whole point of forcing people to go through Domtool is to allow us 
to impose additional requirements that Apache won't impose.  We are 
purposely disallowing mod_rewrite features that can send Apache into an 
infinite loop.  If you don't use the rewrite flag that causes 
backtracking through your list of rules, then you will be able to 
translate everything.  Otherwise, you're out of luck, and that's a good 
thing, because otherwise you could take down Apache for everyone with a 
mistake in your configuration.

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