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Omry Yadan omry at yadan.net
Tue Feb 19 13:52:24 EST 2008

> 2. I get some of these but not many at all.  Combining basic spam 
> filtering with blacklisting mail not @hcoop.net would surely eliminate 
> virtually all spam.  If you don't give anyone your email address 
> @hcoop.net, then the only emails you will get @hcoop.net are from 
> HCoop--or some spam, if they guess your address.  If this doesn't reduce 
> spam from HCoop to acceptable levels, then there may be a legitimate 
> reason not to want to accept mail forwarded from HCoop.  Right now 
> you're just forwarding all mail without filtering.
Fair enough.
moving to hcoop-help.

I tried to create a filtering .forward file, but I didn't get it to work.
This is the content of my file:

# Exim filter
if $header_from: contains "@hcoop.net"
        deliver omryATyadanDOTnet (real email here)


it's supposed to forward only messages from @hcoop.net to my email
address, and drop the rest.
looks like it's not working and I end up getting everything.
any idea?

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