[HCoop-Help] Re: why Kerberos instead of .ssh/authorized_keys ?

Nathan Kennedy ntk at hcoop.net
Tue Dec 2 21:39:17 EST 2008

authorized_keys support was abandoned when we switched to AFS because our
admins simply could not figure out how to make this feature of sshd
compatible with our AFS setup and permissions.  There is nothing wrong with
sshd, and this is a limitation we would rather not have, but which we have
been living with.  It's also not something wrong with our admins, as it
seems that greater installations than HCoop have not solved this problem.

You are correct that kerberos is the supported alternative to ssh keys.


On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 18:32:24 -0800, "Daniel Wilkerson"
<daniel.wilkerson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll bet someone has asked this before but my meta-point is that
> finding out stuff on the hoop site is sometimes a bit challenging.
> Anyway, why are we using Kerberos instead of .ssh/authorized_keys  to
> allow automatic login?  Is there something wrong with ssh?
> Daniel

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