[HCoop-Help] MySQL question

C. Howell caden at hcoop.net
Mon Aug 11 21:56:14 EDT 2008


Are there any facilities in phpmyadmin for editing permissions?

My goal is to be able to drop tables I create in my caden_testprep database.

I attempted to drop a table I got the following error message:

#1142 - DROP command denied to user 'caden'@'mire.hcoop.net' for table

I also tried this from the command line client:

mysql> grant all on vocabulary to caden;
ERROR 1142 (42000): DROP,REFERENCES command denied to user
'caden'@'mire.hcoop.net' for table 'vocabulary'

I also was wondering if anyone uses the MySQL Administrator client ot
connect to their database, and how you can add permissions for that.
Normally to do this, I'd connect to the mysql database and add some
entries to the users table with my IP address or an IP address mask,
but I don't have permission to the mysql table.



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