[HCoop-Help] MoinMoin static files

Ron Senykoff freat at hcoop.net
Thu Apr 24 13:28:42 EDT 2008


I followed the directions found here:
to get MoinMoin working under my domain. Specifically, I used the script
moinmoin-install $INSTANCE
and then the domconfig
moinMoin "mymoin" where
  Script = home "$INSTANCE/moin.cgi"
Of course I subbed in my domain and paths. This got moinmoin working,
however, I can't figure out where it wants the static files. Changing
the url_prefix variable in wikiconfig.py seems to be relative to
/usr/share/moin and not my own moin location.
I've wiped out my install and plan to do it again. I've since come
across the page:
which makes no mention of the script. Which page is correct?


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