[HCoop-Help] Removing large amounts of spam

Michael Olson mwolson at hcoop.net
Sun Apr 6 13:18:06 EDT 2008

"John T. Settino" <nion at nion0.com> writes:

> Would "drop" be a better description? e.g. deliver to /dev/null


It looks like procmail can put header values into variables, which can
be used later on.  Here's an example of assigning those values, from
"man procmailex":

  To extract certain headers from a mail and put them into environment
  variables you can use any of the following constructs:

         SUBJECT=`formail -xSubject:`    # regular field
         FROM=`formail -rt -xTo:`        # special case

You can use these variables in regular expressions by using the
"${VARNAME}" syntax.

Michael Olson
HCoop System Administrator
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