[HCoop-Help] Removing large amounts of spam

John T. Settino nion at nion0.com
Sun Apr 6 10:43:51 EDT 2008

Michael Olson wrote:
> "John T. Settino" <nion at nion0.com> writes:
>> Any advice as to how to access this motherload of spam and/or how to
>> delete it would be most appreciated. Also advice on filtering.
> I use the following cron job to clean my Spam and other unimportant mail
> folders periodically
Script worked excellent after I tweaked it for my own directories; 
thanks a lot :). I'm not going to cron it, but run it as needed.

Any suggestions on filters or script or SOMETHING to bounce a "dynamic" 
set of spam (various subjects etc) or mail marked with the same sender 
name from different addresses?


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