[Bond-users] bond 2.3.0

Dru dru at treshna.com
Tue Jul 4 23:39:55 EDT 2006

I'm in the process of packaging up bond 2.3.0 for release.
This release does break binary compitablity, hence the major version 
change. If your using subversion you'll have to do a scons -c ; scons
on both bonddb and bond.

Main features of this release are:
Security control.
In bondfrontend.conf you can configure the application to prompt the 
user for a username/password which will be used for login for postgresql.
Bond will also query the db to find out what groups the user belongs to 
and you can hide or disable certain parts of your application on a per 
user basis.

The canvas fixarea widget has been added so you dont have to use packing 
for adding widgets. This is going to be used for the web to xml 
conversion process

Glade2bond xml conversion
Improvements have been made to it in generating code.

Bug fixes:
There are a number of memory associated bug fixes in this release. Also 
there are win32 bug fixes.

Andrew Hill
treshna Enterprises Ltd
Tel: 03 366 3649
Cel: 021 660 819
Web: www.treshna.com

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